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What is Rebalancing?


Rebalancing is a form of individual guidance in personal development with the body as guiding principle. The rebalancer works with various forms of conscious touch, the breath, (active) meditation and coached self-enquiry.

Rebalancers cannot 'heal' people. However, with increasing awareness of the deeper-lying experiences that underlie tension, sadness, anger, pain or other feelings, many complaints can decrease or even disappear.

Totally welcome

It's about unjudgmentally discovering, becoming aware and embodying all natural qualities: that what makes you authentic. And not to change and improvement of attitude or behavior. You are completely fine the way you are and you don't have to go anywhere. You are completely welcome with everything that is here and now. 

Rebalancers view the body as a living archive. From this realisation, a conscious touch touches more than just skin and muscles. The touch helps you to literally experience what is moving inside of you at that moment. As all stored feelings from the past have a physical place in your body, where they wait until you are ready to accept and feel them.

Re-friending yourself and your life

The process of empathizing, connecting and 'living' your story requires courage and an open, curious attitude. As if you slowly wake up in the here and now. And you go on an adventurous journey; but then in your inner world. With a different adventure during each session. 

During the process, you can rely on the huge wisdom of your body. It knows exactly what you need and what you can handle. Your body helps you to get more and more at your pace to Re-friend yourself and your life. 

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