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What has Rebalancing brought him?


Rebalancing has made me more aware of what lives in me and what I need in the here and now. That gives me a basic sense of peace, space and love for myself. In the process of feeling deeper, my wonder about the wisdom of my body grows. I often experience the magic of life in all its facets and guises. And I can laugh with myself more than ever.

The image of a ladybug appealed to me in my desire to aqcuire more inner space. A ladybug must, in order to increase its lifespace, open its safety 'shields' first. A vulnerable moment, but upon opening them it can spread its wings completely .

In my own process of really meeting myself, through my body, I experience more and more inner space and freedom and I feel more my truthfulness. Feeling completely in my body what is right for me in the moment is now a powerful inner guide on my life path.

The effects of Rebalancing go beyond my own person for me. The more I get to know myself and shape my life from authenticity, the more I can mean for my environment. And the better I can deal with the ever-changing world around me. 

What do clients experience?

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