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Living archive

Rebalancers see the body as an 'archive', in which all unintegrated experiences, memories, fears, desires, traumas and beliefs acquired in life are stored. Those experiences, usually from our childhood or around our birth, go much further than words or images in your head.


Suppose, for example, that your mother died early, you were bullied a lot at school, or you were not allowed to show anger or sadness. Open and sensitive as you are as a child you could not properly feel the often intense emotions associated with these events. Life itself – call it your survival instinct – therefore automatically took control by storing these emotions in your body. And with time you taught yourself to keep your distance from them. Undesirable as they often are for the outside world.


They are by no means gone. Your body and soul are waiting patiently and will point out the moment when you, as an adult, are ready to 'live' the then too intense experiences. A rebalancer accompanies you in this process.


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