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'In good hands...
This is how I literally and figuratively experienced the rebalancing sessions with John. 
With conscious touch, old blockages were touched again and I was able to feel and redefine them.
I have always experienced a good alignment with 'where I was', but also got the challenge to take on the new/unknown.
John's intuitive approach and his arsenal of methods turned our inner travels into rewarding journeys of discovery that I can continue with.'

'I did six sessions with John to work out something that was very deep. John makes contact with your body through his hands in a calm and honest way, after a short conversation beforehand. He gets to the pain points and keeps you involved. Very special what he can do with heart, hands and head. To me he is a professional. In this time when people are (too) much in their heads, he has an excellent offer of help. Recommended!'


'Rebalancing sessions with John are for me like a pleasant, quiet inner journey through multiple landscapes: hard road, bumpy, rainy, mountainous, wide beach, lovely meadow, accompanied by a very calm, gentle and warm tour guide.John is clear and I like that.'


'I experienced the sessions with John as intense and very special because of who he is as a person, his tangible wisdom and what he brings to it. I felt resistance beforehand, but still wanted to enter into this way of learning to feel deeper with myself. At the start of the first two sessions, John coached me in a nice deep way to beautiful insights, while I was just sitting on a chair. Then it felt nice and safe to explore more through my body. I was allowed and dared to feel, let go and heal a lot with the help of his combination of coaching, rebalancing, cranio-sacral, feeling healing hands and being completely present. I recommend Rebalancing with John to everyone as a wonderful gift to yourself to go through your body and discover who you really want to be.'


'Being touched and breathing like this takes some time getting used to, but in a pleasant way, because John indicates what he is going to do. With Rebalancing I can experience that I get a connection from my head with my feeling and my body. It helps me to let go more and more. John lets me experience that he is there for me. I really feel that we are on a journey together.'


'John brought me to the core in a few sessions. Through my rational tangle, he let me feel with my body what I needed. He offered maximum safety and attention without judgment. This made me dare to discharge my anger and sadness. Through craniosacral techniques used by him I was able to physically release tension. Typically, my headache, which had been plaguing me for days, disappeared and never came back. John has a deep inner wisdom that he integrates into his work as a rebalancer. He is a warm, open and pleasant person.'


'I experience John's Rebalancing sessions as an inner journey that helps me feel more of my own being.

It is very intense for me to feel confident that I can show my emotions, live and let them be. I also feel safe with John to be able to express and be myself with and without ego. I have come into contact with my power and light more because I can experience and heal the energy together. Love through my body for myself as a being, a moving journey.'


'Rebalancing, through the touching and bodywork with John, helps me reconnect with all parts of my body. To feel that it is one whole. John helps me to hear, see and live everything my body wants to tell me: my anger, sadness and strength. John is present, pays attention, listens carefully and leaves me completely free to discover. That gives me a great sense of security and comfort. I never feel like anything has to happen and that's why it just happens.' 



'I experience the Rebalancing Bodywork as intensive and soothing. It helps me get closer to myself. During the touches I come into contact with a visual inner landscape. And I experience space within myself. John guides me well through his attunement to both my actions and my feelings. I appreciate his openness, motivation and calmness.'



'Rebalancing feels very pleasant, enveloping and loving to me. It brings me much more presence in my body, sometimes even completely out of my mind and meditatively present in the now. I experience discharge and relaxation. I feel safe with John. His warmth, attention, intuition and humor support me in my process. He has a good balance between the necessary proximity, care for himself and professional distance.'


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