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What happens in a session?

What happens in a session?

During the first session, we'll take some time to talk about your background, health and why you want to start with Rebalancing sessions. This session therefore lasts two hours. Each subsequent session lasts appr. an hour and a half and starts with an introductory conversation about what draws your attention at that moment. This forms the starting point for the rest of the session.

That will usually be bodywork on a massage table. I work with conscious touch and techniques from various disciplines, such as Craniosacral Therapy, Tragering, Rolfing and Feldenkrais. 

Coached self-enquiry, systemic work, voice dialogue, breath coaching and active meditations I also use. And if it's for that moment and session, sometimes we may dance. 

For the bodywork you normally lie in your underpants on the table. Skin contact gives the deepest possibility of contact with your inner world. If you find this difficult, please indicate it. I also give sessions where you can wear clothes, such as touch through the Experience Breath method. Arun Conscious Touch is also a beautiful form of silent touch that also works when you are dressed. 

Afterwards we evaluate the session. Together we discuss how you can convert the newly gained insights into lasting positive changes. I am happy to support you in this.

To deeply become aware of the changes in yourself takes time. To experience depth and continuity it makes sense to book at least five sessions. The fifth session we discuss the changes and what needs further attention. 

Honesty, respect, trust and safety are important values from which I work. They form the bedding in which you can be completely yourself and unfold.

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