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Who is John?


I am a certified Rebalancer and certified in breath coaching and meditative touch through Arun Conscious Touch and Heart of Presence training from Nishant Matthews.

In addition to being a rebalancer in my own practice, I work as a trainer at the dutch Rebalancing School and Horizon Opleidingen.

Before I came home to the world of Rebalancing, I made many inner journeys of discovery using psychosynthesis, shamanism, men's groups, haptotherapy, yoga and meditation, among others.

In this I personally explored and experienced the rich emotional life of my own sadness, joy, pain, strength, fears, silence, anger and inner freedom

Nature is an important mirror and source of strength, zest for life and connection for me. The Indian mystic Osho is one of my main sources of inspiration. He brings deep insights, freedom and playfulness to my path of surrender to love and truthfulness.

During an initiation into the energy and love field of Osho in 2017, I was given the corresponding spiritual name Malik (Anand Malik). I sometimes use this name in addition to my birth name John. 

What has Rebalancing brought him?

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