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Welcome to Body-wise Rebalancing

Living from your heart, experiencing inner space and outside of you, and feeling what is right for you, is a great human desire. And not obvious if you suffer from tensions or are dealing with burnout, high sensitivity or physical complaints. 

If you want more peace, space and clarity regarding excessive worrying, emotional or relational problems? Or long for more self-knowledge, more contact with your inner world and with who you really are? 

Then choose Rebalancing: a powerful body-wise approach to personal development and awareness. 

Rebalancing helps you relax and (re) find your way to your flow. Rebalancing supports the self-regulating and self-healing capacity of your body. And helps you to make room for what you really feel, what you want and what you need.

My name is John van der Rest and I will be happy to guide you to feel more aware, relax more deeply and live more authentically. I use, among other things, conscious touch, breath coaching, coaching self-enquiry and meditation. On this website you find more information about Rebalancing, about John and sessions. And clients share their experiences.

Looking forward to meeting you in my practice, to guide you in your process from thinking to feeling to being

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