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Self-employed persons/entrepreneurs

You work as a self-employed person/entrepreneur and use the sessions for your personal development. You can enter the invoice in your administration as 'expenses' and deduct it from your turnover in the profit declaration. This therefore provides a tax benefit. 

Please let us know before the first session that you want the invoice addressed to your company. 


Reimbursement by employer or benefits agency 

  1. More and more employers reimburse personal development or vitality programs for employees in the context of development, job satisfaction and prevention or limitation of absenteeism and disability. theme in your life, (long-term) physical and mental complaints - or not being able to live from your natural relaxation, confidence and strength - can hinder or keep you 'small' in your daily life and therefore also in the performance of your profession. In the sessions I guide you to relax more and allow your natural qualities more. This supports your 'professional' development and the performance of your profession. Each employer has its own options and guidelines for this. Do not hesitate and discuss your wish to follow sessions with your employer. 

  2. There are also employers who have a specific training budget or development budget for employees each year, which you can also spend on this form of personal development in consultation._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Additional: People who work in the education can in some cases appeal to the Replacement Fund. This fund reimburses, under certain conditions, guidance and development of teachers. The teacher can choose a care provider himself.

  3. In case of burn-out situations and reintegration , an employer can also reimburse sessions. After all, your employer also benefits from your vitality and recovery. As a result, many employers are positive about (partial) reimbursement of the sessions.


Prior to the first session, please let us know that you are submitting the invoice to your employer or whether the invoice should be sent to your employer. 


Study costs

Are you following a vocational training (in the direction of Rebalancing or bodywork/massage/naturopathic therapy) and do you use Rebalancing sessions for your professional development? Then ask for an invoice with the description 'Supervision'. You can then enter the invoice under the deductible item 'Study costs' in your tax return. The information above is not a guarantee of tax deduction. You can obtain concrete information from the Tax and Customs Administration and determine whether the sessions are eligible for deduction.

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